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Fairies have been around since medieval times…


Fairies have been around since medieval times, but they have not always been popular; their elusive nature often caused people to regard them with suspicion and fear.   But in our modern, fast-paced, technological times, earthies, yearning for a little magic in their hectic lives, have increasingly sought out wishes and blessings from the little folk.   This surge in demand has led to a dramatic increase in the fairy population, with estimates suggesting that there are approximately seven times more fairies than humans on our planet today.

With numbers so high, it’s likely that you’re in the vicinity of a fairy right now.   They are notoriously difficult to spot, but if you sit very still, close your eyes and open your soul, you may feel a tingly, warm sense of well-being..… a sure sign that a fairy is close!

Try opening one eye VERY slowly, and you might just peek something out of the corner of your eye, but be warned, they move very, very fast and they do not like to be seen!

So, we know that sightings of fairies are rare, but their wishes and blessings are now easily found.   There was a time, however, when the fairies became so overwhelmed by the increased demand for wishes that things went very wrong and many wishes were lost.   The fairies were under pressure, working round the clock to send out wishes at an unparalleled rate. But despite their valiant efforts, the wishes were not reaching their earthies.   The communication channels between the Other Realm and the earth could not cope with the increased traffic; they became blocked, with wish after wish backing up. Eventually, billions of beautiful wishes burst out of the system, free falling to earth, where they landed, wasted, on mountaintops and ocean-beds.

At this time, a very beautiful and experienced fairy named Axelle invited all the fairies in the universe to a meeting to discuss a solution.   Despite exhaustion and despair, every fairy attended, and the meeting lasted for 7 days and nights (it could have been much shorter but fairies DO like to chat!). The first thing unanimously agreed was that a special meeting place was essential for all the fairies to come together, regularly, to check all wishes before they were granted. Thus the Fairy Wish HQ was born.

It was also agreed that, to organise and control the vast number of wishes, they should be categorised so that they could be granted and sent in batches by the experienced fairies. The following categories were chosen:

Anniversary Wishes
Birthday Wishes
Christening Wishes
Christmas Wishes
Don’t Worry Wishes
Engagement Wishes
Get Well Wishes
Good Luck Wishes
Happiness Wishes
Love Wishes
New Baby Wishes
New Home Wishes
New Year Wishes
Thank You Wishes
Tooth Fairy Wishes
Wedding Wishes


Each category was given a tree within a circle of ancient oaks at Fairy HQ, and the junior fairies were allocated the task of catching the wishes made by earthies and hanging them on the corresponding tree.

Because the wishes of earthies are constantly changing, this system needs regular modifications, but it’s worked beautifully ever since.

Whatever your wish, there’s a space waiting for it on a wishing tree at Fairy Wish HQ. But don’t forget, a fairy wish can only come true if you believe!

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